What’s Your DNA?


The greatest asset IMAGEHAUS brings to the table is our thought leadership. It drives our ability to define the essence of your brand. We call our process “Brand DNA,” and we use this to bring objectivity to a subjective process.

You don’t really own your brand. The public owns it. So as your brand’s steward, you want to control everything you can. Take no touch point for granted. Each one needs to be designed in the essence of your brand, evolving with the expectations of your customer. It’s not as much about selling, as it is instilling belief in your product.

First, we listen.

We have an open, honest discussion to understand your brand and your needs.This helps us better define opportunities.

Second, we learn.

We examine your brand and the business. We define the audience. By pointing out distinctive differences and perceived audience responses, we gain insight and understanding of your customer. We use the power of imagery and words to define your brand’s personality. We do all of this with you — getting your feedback along the way — as we reach an agreed upon strategy.

Lastly, we lead.

Our ideas are born out of this Brand DNA process. The information gathered is a foundation for building a strong, consistent message for the present and the future–using the power of design to communicate.